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Cheapest Rentals Types For Accommodation when you travel

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  • 2020/08/27

 As the world is slowly starting to get back to life after COVID’19, you might want to take a look at hotel alternatives that you didn't know about before if you are planning for your next trip and save some accommodation money! You might use this money to visit more than one place or leverage around in many sights in the country you are exploring :) 


  Hostels are considered the best alternative after hotels and considered the best cheapest option. If you are willing to share a bed in a room with other people that might be complete strangers then hostels will be the best option for you. In addition you can still find private rooms in hostels that are cheaper than hotels. Don’t worry they are completely safe, but make sure to book from a trusted website and read many reviews about the hostel before booking, or make sure to check if the place is enlisted in Hosteling international -a U.K worldwide non-profit organization-, to guarantee the minimum safety and cleanliness standards.

2) University Student’s Accommodation

 If you are travelling during the summer, where most students are taking their summer break and return back to their homes. Some Universities rent the student dorms. However, You should expect a simple stay, shared kitchen and in some cases shared toilet with other rooms, but also they aren’t a very common solution anyone could think of, so if you are travelling during a summer break, again, you might not find all the rooms rented anyway. You can find some options here at this site University rooms or Uniplaces.com. You can also search for local universities in the place you are visiting and contact them to make sure from their website if they rent student dorms during summer breaks or not.

3) Homestays

Some families rent the spare room in their house for some extra income, some families even do it for free. Staying with a local family will be a great opportunity to merge with their culture and learn more about their lifestyle, food and etc.

 For some who experienced this type of accommodation while travelling, they became really close to the host’s families and considered them their second family! Also, it’s a really cheap option if you are planning for a long stay. You can check some sites that offer homestays here Couchsurfing.com , homestay.com.

4) Short-term Room-rentals

Like homestays, however, it gives you more options it can be a cabin or a studio. It also gives you the opportunities to bond with locals and it's a really cheap option. Check Airbnb, Housinganywhere.com, spareroom.com.

5)Properties Vacations Rentals

Renting a complete property like a Villa, Apartment, beach house, Chalet or a big Cabin, is going to be way cheaper than hotel rooms in case if you are travelling as a family or a group of friends ;) Sharing the cost will make it affordable to the whole group. You can also find some vacation Rentals in Egypt from Barek.net here. Try Airbnb also Tripadvisor and Vrbo.com.

6) Home exchange

 Home exchange is basically swapping homes with another traveller where you get to stay in their homes in the country you are planning to visit, in exchange, they get to stay in yours, with no fees exchange included. Home exchange is not for everyone, but the free stay in another country is worth thinking for some! We advise using this method of accommodation while travelling in case of long stays and in case you are a frequent traveller. There are organizations for home exchange services and insurance, you can find a full guide about the home exchange from here smartertravel.com.

7) Camping 

Camping is for an extraordinary adventure, for those of you who don’t mind going wild and adventurous! You can find the best Camps in Egypt from Tripadvisor from here. Camping is suitable for people seeking relaxation trips, where they can cut off digital devices and enjoy days in Nature and under the stars :) Make sure when you decide to camp (if you are doing it individually) that the place is safe and authorized as a camping site. You can also read about full camping kits from here

To sum up, we advise you to always search for all the alternatives available in the place you are visiting and choose the most suitable/affordable for you ;)!


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