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Your Guide to Sell Your Property Online Faster

  • بواسطة : Manar Fathy
  • 2020/07/09

Selling your property online will help you reach the right buyer faster than the traditional ways. Since all of us search for what we are looking for before making a decision about it, online home search isn’t any different!

We always advise our users to consider the following before listing properties for sale :)

  • Take Killer Photos!

First impression lasts! The first impression the buyer will make about your property will be through the pictures you uploaded. The buyer is likely to decide whether this can be the future house for his family or not through the pictures!

It’s highly recommended to have a real estate professional photographer. If not available, choose the right time of the day to give you the best lighting! Also, don’t forget to remove all the clutter from the background and focus on the main features.

  • Conduct your Market Research before setting a Price

Don’t set a price where it is considered too high compared to the market’s average price in the same area. The price of a property is determined by the supply and demand in the neighbourhood, so do your market research and make sure you set a realistic price based on the area!

During this hard time the world is going through, if you could offer good deals in paying, e.g: Down payment and installments, this will instantly increase the desirability of your property over others in the same area!

  • First time to sell a house? 

If you have little experience in selling a house or it is your first time, it is highly recommended to consult a real estate expert to help you uncover reasons why your property might not be selling well.

  • Don’t omit necessary details from the AD

Make sure you are including all the necessary information for the buyer while listing your property online. Forgetting to add important details will make your AD seem suspicious and a serious buyer will just skip it.

  • Choose the right platform to list your property

Listing your property through many platforms will be a waste of money and might not help you finish a quick sale! Choose a credible platform for your property. 

Barek’s platform offers you the right exposure for your property on the widest level, and our customer service will stay in touch with you along the process to ensure you the best results ;)

You can sign up and start listing your property from here:



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