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360 Degrees: An Introduction to a New Technology

  • بواسطة : Manar Fathy
  • 2019/06/02

360 degrees is an emerging up-to-date trendy technology that facilitates the buying process on both the buyer and the seller generating significant returns nowadays with feasible effortless solutions by giving a detailed smooth overview from your place. 

You don't have to move afoot, take a step or worry about never-ending road trips in traffic jams only to arrive at disappointing properties. 

Real estate 360-degree video tours are a unique and accessible option as a study by Magnifyre discovered over 25% of video watchers preferred 360-degree video over a cropped format. 

Viewers experience both the sights and sounds of space in an expansive format. Exponential growth is expected; right now Facebook and Youtube report an increased number of 360-degree uploads and views. 
While over two years old, 360-degree is still new enough in real estate to be considered a novel marketing strategy.

360 videos allow clients to see houses and get fairly accurate impressions of them, even if they are states or continents away. With barek's new services, no more worries, no more hassle...   
They provide you with a virtual tour from all needed perspectives making your life simpler to make you feel as if you are in place for real. You can turn left, look right, take a step forward, backward or even lift your head up to see the ceiling or down to check the floor. 

With such services and extra features, you can be able to judge upon your first impressions and decide right away without any hesitation without even going once to the place you will rent or buy.

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