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Area in meters square Area in meters square : 94
Number of Rooms Number of Rooms : 2
Bathrooms Bathrooms : 1
Number of Balconies Number of Balconies : 2
Furnishing Status Furnishing Status - Not Furnished
Finishing Status Finishing Status - Superlux
Reception Division Reception Division : 2


Listing ID 2892
Price 1,400,000 EGP
Address Egypt, Cairo, Qasr El Nil, Garden City, Khaleel Agha, 7

Mosque: Zamalek,

School: Cairo,

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دور رابع بأسانسير
موقع متميز خلف الفورسيزون
جراج متاح بإيجار شهرى
البيع بالمطبخ+الأجهزة+التكييفات+البلاكارات
كاملة التشطيب
سكن أو مكتب
بيع مباشرة من المالك
السعر قابل للتفاوض

Very good location
Behind the Four Seasons Hotel
4th Floor, Elevator available
For residence or commercial use
Available parking for rent
ACs and Kitchen Cabinets+appliances included
Sold by owner
Price is negotiable

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For Sale - Apartment 94 M² Fully Finished In Garden City

For Sale

Egypt, Cairo, Qasr El Nil, Garden City, Khaleel Agha, 7

Price EGP 1,400,000

Posted by: Christiane Samir